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Our tough floors will help you avoid slips and trips!

For durable, non-slip floors, visit the experts at Serino Woods and Floors in Bedford! A modern & convenient solution for busy areas, this vinyl flooring helps against skidding & slipping. Whether you're operating a commercial kitchen or a nursery with young children. As one of the UK's top flooring suppliers, you'll be able to browse a variety of trusted brands in our shop. and have safety flooring fitted in whichever colours suit your existing design scheme.

Where to Install Safety Flooring at your PropertySlip Resistant Flooring

Serino Flooring

Our safety flooring can help your business meet health & safety requirements. Even when accidents occurs & liquid spills, this vinyl flooring remains slip-resistant. It wont lose this capability throughout its lifetime!

We supply anti-slip, anti-bacterial floors to hospitals, sports centres, retail outlets & care homes. As well as this, anywhere you want to safeguard occupants against spillages & slips. Landlords also come to us to discuss safety flooring. It's a great and low-cost option for protecting the health and well-being of their tenants in halls and entrance areas of residential premises.

Low Maintenance Flooring

Our safety flooring is impenetrable to grit & grime and tightly fitted to round corners or edges. We're confident that you won't find a lower-maintenance & easier-to-clean product. Much like rubber flooring, you'll find quite soft & comfortable underfoot. It even helps to absorb and reduce noise in busy environments. Resistant to wear and tear, we hope to make you fall in love with our premium safety flooring. Our aim is to empower you with tough floors that you wont need to replace for ages!

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Do you own a pub, run a kitchen, manage a laundry room or even just have premises that include washrooms? Call 0800 050 9023 or send us an email. Learn how Serino Woods & Floors can overhaul your interiors with slip-resistant safety flooring!


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