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Save on Official Quick-Step Laminate Floors!

Don't buy straight from the manufacturer. You can make great savings on Quick-Step Flooring in your local store. Serino Woods & Floors are proud to be one of the handful to stock Quick-Step flooring in Bedfordshire.

Serino Flooring

Quick Step is among the worlds most popular choices for laminate flooring. It offers one of the most diverse range of designs at the best possible quality.

Easy to Install Flooring

Renowned for being simple to install due to their innovative locking systems, Quick-Step Flooring is quick & hassle-free! It has hard board that replicates the sound and feeling of solid hardwoord floors. This means it's never been easier to impress guests with this great, multi-purpose flooring!

Durable and Scratch Resistant

Are you choosing floors for a home with pets or children? You'll be pleased that Quick-Step floors can withstand even the most challenging of applications. This is thanks to their:

  • Scratch resistant coatings
  • Splash proof plates
  • Resistance to cigarette burns and falling objects

A Hygienic Flooring Solution

The fully sealed surface also makes Quick-Step flooring a great, hygienic choice for kitchens. It doesn't allow dust and dirt to accumulate (helping out allergy sufferers, as well!). On top of this, Quick Step laminate floors are compatible with underfloor heating systems.

Get in Touch

Able to withstand everything from sunlight to stiletto heels, Quick-Step flooring is a practical choice. An easy-to-maintain floor with a lasting finish.

Simply give us a call or email our team of friendly floor fitters today. Learn how we can guide you towards getting Quick-Step floors installed!


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